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Share Tab:
When you share a tab it becomes available for everyone through a friendly URL link.
When you edit the tab, it is updated for everybody who views it.
You can then monitor how many views the tab got and also how many users added the tab to their own Alefo profile, to follow it on a daily basis.

To get the URL for the tab, once shared, copy it from the browser's navigation toolbar, or click "Get friendly URL" on the tab's menu.
Send Tab to Friend:
When you send a tab to a friend, your friend can view the tab even if the tab is not publicly shared.

Accept or Decline Tab:
Click 'ACCEPT' to add this tab to your profile, so that it will be available for you whenever you enter Alefo.

Click 'DECLINE' to go back to your profile without adding the tab.
Uneditable Tab:
This tab is owned by a different user, and updated automatically whenever the user edits it.
If you wish to change this tab, you may press the "EDIT" link.
An editable copy of the tab will be added to your profile.
Get Friendly URL:
Once a tab is publicly shared, it is associated with a specific URL.
You can copy the URL and paste on any blog, forum, etc. to share it.